Saturday, 20 April 2013

Pieces of Masonry - Sneak Peek

Issue #11 features the second half of the interview with Paul Mason, covering his Fighting Fantasy gamebooks:

Your first adventures were set on mainland Allansia, yet you moved to the Isles of the Dawn for this and your next book. What prompted this exploration?
The map. And, as mentioned above, the impatience with the status quo. The desire to go somewhere different, try to do something a little different. Blaze our own trail. With other writers, it took them out of Fighting Fantasy and into other series. With me... oh yeah, Robin of Sherwood and the (never-published) Virtual Reality gamebook. Looking back, though, I think it’s more valuable to do something a little out-there in a mainstream series like Fighting Fantasy, than to pick up one’s toys and leave for a smaller playground.

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  1. Hi Paul. The map. Sorry about that, but if it was an error I would have expected a phone call. I was working from the Destruction of Atlantis map on which the Isles are shown.

    I'm in total agreement with your idea of re-setting the gameplay in a familiar system. Has anyone written Irritaria Jones yet?