Friday, 15 July 2011

Coming Soon - Issue 7

Apart from the current lack of an artist to illustrate the mini adventure (if either you or someone you know might be able to help with this problem by volunteering to do the black and white artwork please contact me), the rest of issue #7 is well on the way to being completed. So what can be found in the next issue?

  • The mini adventure Queen of Shades by Paul Struth
  • AFF competition winner, The Curse of Meraki by Stuart Lloyd
  • An interview with Paul Struth, winner of the 1984 Warlock magazine competition to have an adventure published in the magazine (The Dervish Stone in issue #4)
  • An interview with Graeme Davis, author of Midnight Rogue
  • "The Fact of Fiction": Seas of Blood is examined by Warren McGuire
  • Chapter 3 of "Aelous Raven and the Wrath of the Sea-Witch" by Ian Brocklehurst
  • Part 5 of "Everything I Need to Know I Learnt from Reading Fighting Fantasy Gamebooks" by Ed Jolley
  • More news with "Omens & Auguries" from Guillermo Parades
  • Two monsters in "Out of the Pit" by Andrew Wright
  • Adrian Young's "Chronicle of Heroes" covers A Darkness Over Kaad
  • "The Arcane Archive" reviews Advanced Fighting Fantasy – The Roleplaying Game, Out of the Pit, and Titan
  • Dan Satherley's column looks for a win with Island of the Lizard King
  • Finally, Jamie Fry continues his exploration of the world of FF collecting
How soon this issue surfaces will probably depend on how soon I can find someone to illustrate the mini adventure and how quickly they can deliver the art.

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

AFF Competition Winner - Sneak Peek

I can now announce the winner of the AFF competition launched in issue #6. First place, as judged by AFF writer Graham Bottley is The Curse of Meraki by Stuart Lloyd. Here's a sneak peek at what the adventure entails:
It’s been a week since you have left the cesspit of Port Blacksand and pickings are slim. After a month of traipsing across the Pagan Plains to guard a caravan of merchants on their journey to the deadly port, you want some adventure. However, you a bit too much adventure in Blacksand after one of you spilt a flagon of ale all over one of the city’s master assassins. Two minutes later, you were sprinting through the streets with a dozen highly trained killers close behind you. You got to the south gate, only to be stopped by the troll guards demanding a fishday tax. Too desperate to argue, you hand over most your money to avoid the sharp blades of the Assassins’ Guild. You have just arrived to the small fishing village of Meraki, eager for a hot meal and a comfortable bed. However, you can see that something is wrong. The villagers look sad and downtrodden. No one looks you in the eye as you walk through the streets to the market square. You get to an inn and ask the keeper for some food and drink. He serves it without a word. While you are eating your dinner, an old but well kempt and muscular man approaches you. ‘Good evening. My name is Grask. I am the headman of this village and we need your help. I will offer you a free bed for the next few nights and some gold if you can solve our woes. I fear that there is a curse upon our little village and now an innocent woman’s life hangs in the balance...
Graham plans to host other entries on the official AFF website given the quality of the competition entries (as long as the entrants agree to this). So even though they won't appear in the magazine, they will hopefully be available to play in addition to the winner's tale. Congratulations to all who entered, may your STAMINA never fail!