Sunday, 7 August 2022

Barbarian Warlord - Sneak Peek

Here's a sneak peek at the art and text of the next mini adventure in issue #17...

Zharradan Marr’s army of legionaries is to be found at the Testing Grounds, a walled compound near the village of Coven, and is comprised of well-trained Orcs, Rhino Men and other races, who swiftly move to engage your horde in battle. At the same time, sailing over the Forest of Shadows like a great black cloud, comes the mighty flying ship, the Galleykeep, flanked by archers riding Tooki War-Griffins. On its command deck can be distantly seen several robed figures and what appears to be a large, man-sized mirror.

This is Barbarian Warlord, the Fighting Fantasy mini adventure, written by Andrew Wright illustrated by Johan Tieldow.

YOU are the chieftain of a tribe of Flatland Barbarians, feared marauders of the eastern steppes, and the spirits of your Ancestors have decreed a quest! Together with your band of bloodthirsty warriors you must raid the rich western lands of Allansia in an epic invasion of carnage and looting. Will YOU be the greatest BARBARIAN WARLORD of them all?

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